We decided to carry out our services in the field of greenhouse irrigation and automation, which we started in 1990, more professionally in 2008. In line with this decision we have taken, we have started to continue our services under the name of Dağdelen Agricultural Import and Application since 2009.

In order to achieve a more corporate structure, our company has been operating since 2014 under the name of Dağdelen Sera Sulama Otomasyon İth. İhr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. The company has expanded its operating countries to include countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Iraq, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, and Switzerland. At the same time, we continue to develop our operating geography with a quality service principle. In addition, our company can provide alternative solutions to its customers by working with different software companies in automation systems.

As a company, we provide sales and installation services for irrigation and fertilization automation systems, climate control system, steel water tank, fogging, cooling, gutter system, fan, electrical automation systems in greenhouses, seedbeds and improvement greenhouses with and without soil. In addition, we have been operating in turnkey greenhouse installation project applications and agricultural consultancy. As a company, our mission is to provide more sensitive and professional fertilization automation and climate control devices needed by the greenhouse sector and to provide a solution to equipment demand.

We offer better quality service and spare part warranty for the service and spare part shortage we have identified. We will continue our activities in the greenhouse sector in the future without compromising on quality with our accurate, solution-oriented services provided by our company in meeting the needs of the sector. ​