The determination of the irrigation system in greenhouses, which are the greenhouse production model, differs according to the greenhouse model, the type of plant produced and the growing environment. In modern and low tunnel greenhouses, the irrigation system is made by two different methods as sprinkling and drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation method: plant nutrients and water reach the plant roots with drip pipes placed on the soil surface or under the soil. In this system, since the droplets flow less and more frequently, the main targeted root area in irrigation is irrigated , and water and energy are saved by preventing the water from evaporating and passing to the surface flow.

We have project preparation and application services of irrigation systems in greenhouses.

Soilless production greenhouse

  • Irrigation systems and infrastructure
  • Drainage collection and recycling
  • Fertilization and automation

Soil production greenhouse

  • Irrigation systems and infrastructure
  • Sprinkling
  • Fertilization and automation

Banana production greenhouse

  • Drip irrigation systems and infrastructure
  • Sprinkling and sprinkler irrigation
  • Fertilization and automation
  • Fogging and frost protection

Strawberry production greenhouse

  • Irrigation systems and infrastructure
  • Drain collecting
  • Fertilization and automation
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