The working principle of fertilization automation machines used in greenhouse irrigation, automation and outdoor irrigation systems; gives the acid and fertilizer solution taken from the fertilizer tanks with magnetic pump to the mix tank with a two-way valve system when needed. When it reaches the limits determined by using the EC-PH values taken from the sensors fixed on it, it interrupts the flow to the mixing tank and ensures the flow of the fertilizer back to the fertilizer tank through recycling. In this system, instant and more precise dosing is performed. A more homogeneous plant nutrient solution is obtained by premixing water and fertilizer with the mix tank system.


  • A total of 8 fertilizer tanks can be connected as 7 fertilizer tanks and 1 acid tank.
  • It is possible to apply 10 different irrigation programs with 10 groups and each group can control 32 valves.
  • It has 16 standard valve controls, which can be installed up to 320 valves.
  • With 3 different pump connection features, different pumps can be selected according to the irrigation pressure and flow rates needed.
  • It provides convenience in high volume irrigation with bypass system.
  • Each irrigation group can operate at four different times and different irrigation time / amount can be set for each segment.
  • Water and fertilizer meters have tie-down ports. The amount of water and fertilizer used in irrigation can be monitored.
  • It has irrigation initiation feature according to the amount of radiation on to the plants with the data coming from the solar radiation sensor.
  • With the alarm system, when the upper and lower limits of the desired ratios are exceeded, it stops irrigation and warns the user with the audible alarm system and prevents any problems that may occur.
  • Using the greenhouse drainage water control feature, it determines the amount and number of irrigation, using the water data drained in irrigation.
  • With agitation (mixer) control, a homogeneous solution is obtained by mixing the fertilizer settled at the bottom of the fertilizer tanks before irrigation.
  • Fertilizer dosing can be done with EC-PH control or proportionally, you can use both features in combination.
  • You can start filter cleaning as you wish with pressure difference, irrigation amount, irrigation time or in combination.
  • All irrigation activities carried out with the PC connection feature are recorded, and all irrigation functions can be monitored and programmed from PC. All data can be examined by graphics, remote control is possible by means of internet connection.
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