Water storage systems are used for many different purposes today: they can be used for purposes such as agricultural irrigation water storage, industrial zones, forest fire water storage. Generally used models are cylindrical and prismatic models. In addition to these, there are also areas of use by floor covering.

In water storage systems, we can build a warehouse of the desired capacity and size according to the area to be installed. We have special manufacturing for the upper section of the sheet metal according to the different purpose.


Its body consists of joining galvanized sheet plates with bolts. There is a membrane coating on the inside to ensure tightness. Modular water tanks are easy to install compared to other storage systems and can be easily disassembled and transported elsewhere.

Our company designs and manufactures steel water tanks as open and closed according to the volume amount requested.

Modular water tanks are low cost compared to water tanks with the same volume. With different installation and membrane selection, it can be used in many different areas such as agricultural irrigation, factories, industrial storage, drinking water, fire water and rainwater storage.


The body consists of mounting square galvanized sheet metal plates with bolts. The seal is used during the square plate assembly. Where there are restrictions on the area to be installed, different installation models can be applied according to the specified dimensions.


In large-scale water storage projects, membrane coating method is used on floors that do not have water retention properties and have a permeable structure. After the surface prepared by excavating the soil is corrected and compacted according to the water capacity to be stored, protective felt is laid according to the soil structure. Prepared pond surface is covered with membrane and sealing is provided.

High-capacity storage in soil pools for raw water storage is easier and less costly.

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